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Children Of The Night, chapter 2 [May. 16th, 2004|10:16 pm]


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reet, here we go, chapters 2 and 3 :)

Chapter 2

Nichole Ludus opened her eyes and sat up. She looked around, and like a cat she was out of bed and on her feet. The clock glared 7:30, and night had fallen. She flung open the darkened curtains and stared across the bright cityscape. Two problems faced her tonight: Where to go and, more importantly, what to wear? Oh, dear vanity....

She slowly made her way down the street, singing to herself. Life (or is that, life after death?) was simple as ever. She laughed softly and the echoes ricochet off the buildings around. She had decided to visit one of her most favorite places, a gothic club called 'The Void'. She used the term 'gothic' lightly. The music was never load, there was little bass in what was played and it seemed to be one of those American imports that served as a playground for the rebellious rich kids. The fools who attended were so gullible, they could be so easily led, like small children. That was why it was so easy to hunt inside. Like small children she thought....

With a skip in her step, she made her way swiftly along the roadside. The street was filled with a deadly silence, broken when she would utter a few notes, in that sirens voice of hers. She stopped suddenly. In a shop window, stood a tall mirror. She admired herself and her choice of garments for the night. Black was all the rage at the moment, and at The Void things were no different. Paired with PVC, she looked irresistible. Better than any mortal man deserves. She had to fit in to hunt properly, but this doesn't mean she couldn't look sexy. Quite the opposite, in fact. She relied on her looks to seduce her prey. She laughed at the way they always said 'she looked so young' and how 'she stays so good looking'. The answer to that was eternal youth, she thought, is not to age, and kindred do not age. She flushed her long, dark hair back. It just about surpassed the middle of her back. She noticed how bright her eyes were. She remembered how James used to call them 'bright emeralds'. The rings hung on a thread of leather around her neck and she held it tightly in her fist and thought of him. Oh, her sweet James....

Oh, her sweet, sweet James. They had been childhood sweethearts all their lives, and had loved the very essence of ach other with all their. One day, he was called to Japan for a few months. Nichole was so lonely. Her heart ached for him everyday, and there was nothing she could do. Powerless. One night, she departed to a club with a group of friends, and when she awoke the next night, she was no longer human. Alone once more...

She shook her memories from her head and looked again in the mirror. Boots, trousers, corslet, all in black. James used to always say she looked good in black... what was she doing? Everything she did seemed to remind her of him. She closed her eyes and whispered into the night. "He is dead, he is never coming back". She said it again, and then she shouted it, bouncing the hollow words of off the walls around. She turned, and again swiftly made her way along the street.

Chapter 3

She caught the blue neon sign in her eyes, and like a disillusioned moth to a flame, she headed straight for it. There was a long, snaking queue of people waiting outside. She walked straight past them, and up to the door of the club. A nod to the bouncer was all that was needed, and a nod returned gave her permission to enter. "What the hell?!?" yelled a man in the queue. "Why does she go in right away, and I have to wait?!?" he stepped up to the bouncer, and was met by a hand effortlessly pushing him back in line. "Shut up punk, unless you want your ass-a-kickin'," he voiced in a strong Irish accent. The man quietened down, and Nichole disappeared into the darkened doorway.

The club itself was a converted warehouse, with a huge dance floor in the middle, and a bar and DJ to the side. There were rooms in the back for... VIP treatment. She started to walk toward the bar, when a man caught her eye. Tall, dark brown hair, and deep, dark brown eyes... It was all she needed. She started towards her prey...

"Do you come her often?" she purred to him
"Not really, 'first time" he replied
"Here with friends? Or a... girlfriend?" she asked again
"No... Here on my own" he sighed. Excellent, she thought. First time here, no friends, nobody would miss him if her were to 'disappear'. The next hour was spent getting close to him, dancing with him. If his hands began to wander a little, her hands would move like lightning and catch them. "No, no, no... Not yet, angel" she would say. He walked over towards the bar to get a drink for them both. She watched him walk and shook her head. "My, my, my, so easily led...” she gave a little smile and watched him at the bar.

Suddenly, a young girl appeared out of nowhere and walked up to him. (He had introduced himself, but there was no need to remember their names was there?). She said something, and he turned around and looked at Nichole straight in the yes, and a sense of terror overcame is face, dropping his glass; he turned and made his way to the main exit. She was sure she could see something dripping from his leg... The girl started towards the dance floor. She tried to mingle in, but the bright red clothing, not black like everyone else, made her easy to spot. She turned and saw Nichole following, and made her way towards the back door. The black-clad kindred was in hot pursuit. She followed her into the back room with the exit. Nichole knew it was locked, and the girl was struggling with it. Nichole slammed the door behind her. Startled, the girl turned around. She had long, platinum blonde hair, much longer than Nicole's. She wore something similar to Nichole's, only in a much brighter shade of fiery, ruby-red. Her bright blue eyes sharpened at the sight of Nichole, and her mouth formed a fierce frown. "What right...” started Nichole "Do you think you have to interfere in my business?" she asked inquisitively. The girl reached behind her and pulled a pistol, a PP, from the waist of her trousers. "Stay back, bitch! I know what you are and I warned him!" she said. She pointed the gun at Nichole, her hand quaking. "And now, I am going to kill you!" She smiled, and Nichole slowly walked towards the girl. "Don’t Move!" yelled the girl. Her hand shook like a leaf. Nichole came to within a few feet of her, and stared into her eyes. "Guns hurt not of still heart..." she whispered with a smile. In one fluid motion, she snatched the gun from her hand brought it back down across her head, knocking her to the floor. She was out cold. "....especially when the safety catch is on" Nichole let out that evil laugh, it had been time said she had someone to 'play' with....