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Goth Creativity

Yes, it does exist...

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This is a community designed so you, the members, can post up various bits and peices you have been working on to show the other members, receive comments, constructive criticism etc etc.

Your work can be anything you want, a peice of writing, a photo of a sculpture or artwork, some photography, music you or your band have produced, links to remix's you have hosted or to your websites :) Its basically anything you want that was created by... you :D

Simple rules as are as follows:

* Any large peices of writing or multiple photo's are to be placed behind LJ cuts
* Anything that my not be considered completly worksafe is to have a warning on it
* No flamming, slagging off etc. Constructive criticism only please :)

Anyone is free to join, and monitor, and post :) you dont need to put up your things if you want, feel free to comment on others work

All work displayed on this community is the property of its posters, and posters, only post things that belong to you :) IE, no thieving!

This community's moderator is luger_

PS. despite the name, this isnt just for dirty gofficks ;)