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Hi [May. 11th, 2004|09:46 pm]

so, i would post a picture of myself on this, but i really, intensely dislike the image....all images of me.


Morbidity flowing like desire,
As black as it gets.
The moonlight blocked,
By a thick miserable cloud.
My saviour,
My sanctity,
Both lost,
For eternity.
Forever tears,
Eternal sighs,
That's what rules my life.
Lingering -
Time will remain.
It always does,
Hesitating on the corner.

....A little poem. Written a week or so ago. scawled on a scrap of paper. like most of my poems.
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2004|11:25 am]

[mood |artistic]

Oooh I'm becoming a frequent poster here. Do I get points like frequent flyers? Ahem. Yes anyway. Introduction.

I'm Kate Riley, I'm 20 and I'm from the smelly old Midlands.. Just left of the middle. Erm.. careerwise I'm in a bit of a hole right now. I'm unemployed but I do help at the local PDSA (peoples dispensary for sick animals) charity shop... though I get no money from that. ¬.¬

I run my own hair extensions business http://www.faeriehair.com though sadly that site is not finished yet as my webdesigner is being an ARSE so most of the info is on http://www.faeriehair.o-f.com but that has 9084396 pop-ups and smells of cheese and has the wrong prices. Urk.

I spent the last two years at Stafford college studying a ND in Foundation Studies in art and design specialising in Fine Art and I started an HND in Illustration until I was taken ill earlier this year. That's led to a real drop in productivity but I AM still an artist honest :p I've been working more on digital work and photo manipulation since I've been ill but it's really not as good or satisfying as me earlier stuff. I have an unhealthy fascination with destroying things.... especially dolls.


I'm also a writer. I write miserable poetry and occasionally I write short stories too. I actually used to write books for children (though none have been published so I doubt it counts)

I'm a bit bonkers. (Ok a lot) with an overactive imagination and hair that wants to take over the world. I also spend waaaaaay too much time in #uk_goffs IRC.

I'm currently writing this wearing only a dressing gown. Useless information rocks.

Any questions?

Oh and here's a photo of me if picturetrail will stop being a mongchop

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Rar :) [May. 11th, 2004|01:53 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Neuroticfish - M.F.A.P.L (Intelligent Tribal Freak Mix)]

My name's Justin, I'm 18 from Cwmbran in South Wales, and I'm a Music Tech. student. I am also a post grade 8 violin player, and have made a remix of two. I enjoy reading, writing not so much, listening to music, writing music, playing music, and wasting my time, talking crap on IRC.

Here's is a photo of me.


Also, if you haven't already got it, and want it, my remix of Ministry - Supernaut can be found HERE
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2004|01:47 am]

Hi, my names Gabriel and I'm from various places in england, I'm currently residing in devon and intend on going back to college next year.
i enjoy reading, drawing, writing and talking crap to people on IRC :)

Here's a peice of prose i wrote a while ago, hope you enjoy :)
All comments wanted and welcomed :)

Untitled ProseCollapse )
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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2004|08:28 pm]
[mood |artistic]
[music |Blue Monday - Orgy]

Hello.  I'm Rose... I'm 15 and from New York.  I guess you can say I'm a tad on the artistic and musical side.  I play flute in the school band and I draw often.  I guess I'm okay with comptuers.  I have a site: http://www.rosetheconfused.cjb.net.  There you can view my crappy artwork and read a little bit about me, etc etc. 

I'm also into bands like Dope Stars Inc, Deadstar Assembly, DeathBoy, Earth Loop Recall, KoRn, Disturbed, Evanescence, Type O Negative, Cradle of Filth, Kat5can, Psychonaut 75, Static-X, System of a Down, and so on...

I suppose thats it.  My site basicaly covers everything.

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Introductions? [May. 11th, 2004|01:03 am]

[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Echo Image - Like A Child]

thats an idea, how about some introduction from our members? :)

I'm Kyle, 16, from London. I am intrested in a wide vareity of music, including EBM, 80's, new wave, futurepop (its not that bad :P) oldie goth.. whatever. I just hate drum n bass and hiphop.. or pop. even rock and metal can be good sometimes :D

What will I be contributing? Well, I like other peoples drawings and cluptures, im just crap at it myself :) I write when I have time (tis what will I will be mostly putting up) I have a few large peices of writing, and some poetry, plus whatever I get done :)

I have also started to mes around with music software lately, so you may see one of my crappy remix's posted up here sometime :)
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Introduction [May. 10th, 2004|10:59 pm]

[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Me fiddling with Cubase]

My name's Andrew, 24 (almost 25) from London. I've started fiddling about with soft-synths and the like after a long hiatus of not doing anything musical at all. So it's a bit like starting afresh, but I'm aiming to put some songs up when I've stopped fiddling and started writing. Kitwise I have an Evolution MK425C controller, Reason, Reaktor, Pro-53 and Cubase SX. Being a huge EBM/electro/bleep fan I'm hoping to come up with something along that kind of genre - hopefully not Futurepop though :D

Anyway, that's me :)
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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2004|10:17 pm]

Hello. I have just joined this community (really????)
yep hi. my name's holly and i'm 15 and yeh. boo.
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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2004|08:56 pm]

[mood |goodgood]
[music |Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love]

well, this community is off to a flying start :) good job to those who have posted so far, get some comments in too :)

Heh, I belive its my turn, this was a peice of dark fiction I wrote a while ago, and here is the first chapter :)

Children Of The NightCollapse )

I hope you liked that, comments?
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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2004|07:45 pm]

[music |Collide - Halo]

Yeah s'me again. but I didn't think my art and poetry should go in the same place. Primarily I AM an artist.. I just forget sometimes ;) I'm trained as a fine artist and my Deviant Art account - http://faerieevenstar.deviantart.com/gallery/ - has most of my digital work and photo manipulation but I keep forgetting to take photos of my canvases and some sketch book work... but some of it is in there :)

Feedback appreciated.

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